Aces High

Start Your Engines!
The Fastest Race in Alaska

This Saturday, Anchorage will be host to the Alaska Cup, a worldwide competition of aerial racing that features some of the best pilots in the world. Pilots include Hauptmann G√ľnther Beise of the German Luftwaffe, Ivan Nikitovitch representing Russio-Alaska, William “Birddog” Burdette of Seattle, Pacifica, and many more. Burdette has won the Alaska Cup three years in a row, and assures us that this year will be the fourth. However, the roster is filled with several able competitors, so this year’s race should prove to be quite exiting!

Emmerich Von Jaeger Wins Alaska Cup!

The Alaska Cup roared into town yet again, and as always it proved to be a thriller! Emmerich Von Jaeger’s “Das Fliegende Schwein” crossed the finish line first, to take home the ribbon and the $1,000 prize. Competition was fierce among the dozens of pilots to compete, though the field was quickly narrowed down to the aces. The reigning champion and this year’s favorite, William “Birddog” Burdette, ended his run early in a cloud of black smoke due to apparent engine malfunction. Burdette was safely fished out of Cook Inlet with only mild hypothermia and some bumps and scrapes. The cause of the crash has yet to be determined.

Ivan Nikitovitch, an ace from Russio-Alaska who ended the race in fourth place, caused a small scene when he leapt from his plane at the end of the race and took a swing at von Emmerich. “He is cheater, liar, and scoundrel,” Ivan was heard saying as he was dragged off by security. “I am best pilot in Alaska!”

An after party was held at the Gilded Rose, where several of the race pilots were found conversing with Anya Petrov, the owner. Petrov, who is also known locally as “The Contessa”, made a bold announcement after the race. “I am looking to expand out of the entertainment industry,” she claimed, stating that she wishes to start a privateer company. “Alaska has many enemies, and we cannot rely only on our Rangers to defend us.” A small selection of people have been added to the company at this time, but she is confident more will come when news of success begins to spread.


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