Anya "The Contessa" Petrov

Owner of the Gilded Rose


Anya Petrov is a thin and beautiful woman with pale skin and dark brown hair. She frequently sings at her nightclub in Anchorage, and is quite a local celebrity.


Anya Petrov was born in Imperial Russia in 1903. Her parents were extended family of the royal Romanovs and as such enjoyed the finer things in life. That all ended in 1917 during the People’s Revolution. Anya and her family fled to Alaska and settled into the White Russian territories in the Alaskan panhandle. During the 20’s, Anya moved to Anchorage and opened a nightclub called “The Gilded Rose”. Her club became quite the success, and she has become quite a well-known Alaskan celebrity.

Anya "The Contessa" Petrov

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