Emmerich Von Jaeger

Ex-Luftwaffe Pilot



Agility D8
Smarts D8
Strength D4
Spirit D6
Vigor D6

Pace 6
Parry 4
Toughness 5
Charisma 0

Arrogant (+)
Enemy (Former Commander- Standartenf├╝hrer Karl Steiner; -)
Outsider (German; -)


Drive D4+2
Pilot D10+2
Gunnery D8
Notice D8
Repair D8

Despite having no affiliations with the German Luftwaffe anymore, he still wears his old peaked cap (sans stiffener) and pilots jacket, though with common work clothes. He also has his old Luger and ace dagger, which keeps in his plane in the case of emergencies. A small leather suitcase with the rest of his uniform and sundries, as well as a tool kit are the entirety of his personal belongings, and are also kept in his plane.


Emmerich learned to fly gliders as a young man and later joined the Luftwaffe. Was considered a promising young pilot and would have been on the fast track for promotions if he didn’t feel the need to constantly belittle anyone he thought was less of a fighter pilot, to include senior officers. The glacier pace of promotions didn’t bother him as it allowed him to stay in a plane more then an office. He soon began to grow restless when political appointees where promoted over proven pilots. He was offered a slot in one of the premier fighter squadrons in Germany and was over heard saying “It might be fun.” Though after growing tired of hearing about national socialism, he bribed a crew chief to ready a plane for a long distance training flight and defected to Great Britain. After several months of questioning, he was released with a captured Firestorm, which he immediately christened Das Fliegende Schwein for how big of a fighter it was, and made his way to North America to seek his fortunes.

Emmerich Von Jaeger

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