Tazik (Raiden) Cromwell

Noble growing up at his fathers factory. Learned to be a mechanic and fly while there


Professional Mechanic – concept
agil d6 / smarts d8/ strength d6 /spirit d6 /vigor d8
pace 6
toughness 5
charisma 2
repair d8, gambling d8, knowledge mechanics d8, lockpick d6, piloting d6, shooting d6, gunnery d6

basic repair equipment.
harps big 1 .50 cal
colt .44


Cromwell industry did well at selling and flying many plains. Tazik got many free lessons to learn and fly with great ease with little to no training time required. Work was hard and very pricey to come by starting out, not just for himself, but because of other competitors, and he always looked to make less money go more ways. He became an astounding mechanic to his family buisness.

On the side, Tazik spend just as much time in trouble as he did working on planes. An avid gambler and always up to test his aim at the target range, he would often throw money around with little fear of losing any, and often come out with extra. Tazik was often surrounded by people his family’s buisness would want him to avoid.

One evening while working on a professional pilots plan, set for a arial race, Tazik was appoached by a man who offered him quite a sum of money to ensure the plane would not be able to compete properly in the race. It was an oppritunity he could not pass down for the extra cash. Being an expert mechanic, a dozen different ways to sabotage the plane and leaving an untracable accident behind flashed through his mind before he even began thinking of accepting the offer.

Quick to fix things up, and just as easily quick to start a mess of any sitiation, his skill of craft in mechanics is also his biggest weakness. The major obligation of feeding his lust for the craft often holding him back unless everything is in order. With each job he takes he strives for not only his, but his crews saftey, for his fear of blood often gives him the shakes and left feeling extremely sick.
Throw a tool his way and he’ll make use of it, a piece of scrap he’ll bring to life, an excuse to leave the shop his adventure.

Tazik (Raiden) Cromwell

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